Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Web2.0 tactics make 2 kids into a business

Want to see how powerful Frederick Web Promotions WEB2.0 tactics are for local Frederick Maryland business?

INSTANTLY Dominate the Local Google Ranking for any business in Frederick County Maryland.

Two of my young friends' hobby - Custom Bike Repair in Frederick Maryland for instance.

... using WEB 2.0 Tactics I took my friends hobby and made them into an Instant Viable Frederick Maryland Business!

The whole idea is to get the external WEB 2.0 sites/blogs to rank well BEFORE you even spend a single moment on fiddling with your existing website.

Who cares how fancy your existing site is if it's NOT in the top ten in Google?

You might want to hire a consultant... a Google consultant... someone with a proven track record.

Someone who can pull a top ten listing out of his hat.

This is NOT a replacement for your web development guy

This is NOT a replacement for your existing web design guy

Those are different animals/ similar but different

What I'm describing here is a different SET OF SKILLS

From scratch, from a stand still, Frederick Bike Repair is now competing, heads up, with Bike Doctor and Wheel Base online.

And what could 2 kids possbibly do to competete with those estabilshed Juggernauts with 90% market share in Frederick County Maryland?

Mobile Bike Repair - that's the one thing Jason and Patrick can do that the big guys can't or wont do!

Frederick Bike Repair - Road Crank - Custom Bike Mods

A real live David versus Goliath "Smack Down"


Frederick Bike Repair

And a word about sales copy on your existing site...

NO ONE gives a damn what you think.

No one gives a damn what I think.

No one gives a damn about what your webmaster thinks

You customers only care about What's in it For THEM!!


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