Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blogs Generate GoogleJuice

GoogleJuice, what is it

A quick Google Search Returned these interesting definitions

Hacker Slang: google juice

A hypothetical substance which attracts the index bots of In common usage, a web page or web site with high placement in the results of a particular search on Google or frequent placement in the results of a various searches is said to have “a lot of google juice” or “good google juice”. Also used to compare web pages or web sites, for example “CrackMonkey has more google juice than KPMG”.

now this is also interesting: search Google for "what is googlejuice" and "what is google juice"

surprisingly they are different:

I like this one:

Definitions of google juice on the Web:
And I like this one too, especially since it is from Google itself:

Google Juice - What Is Google Juice?

Google Juice is a slang term for PageRank. One of the ways Google determines the relevancy of things you search for is by looking at all the backlinks, ... - Cached - Similar

I posted this blog post because I know what Google Juice is, my industry knows what it is, but our prospective customer base does NOT know what Googlejuice is...

Next Concept that our prospective customers need to learn (that is if we are to sell our services to them that is) is

Google Bomb

A Google bomb is when a group of people attempt to cause a target web page to become the #1 search result for a chosen search phrase

Every good Search Engine Optimization specialist tries to make his web pages become the #1 search result for the relevant search terms. A Google bomb is different, because it is usually a group of people trying to make a web page the #1 search result for an irrelevant or abusive search phrase. 
Definition Source:

So why am I including this second phrase?

Because what we do is get paid to improve a company websites position in Google

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Friday, December 11, 2009

External Blogs Improve Google Ranking

Improve Google Ranking

Off page seo using external blogs.
external blogs, extra websites to improve the Google ranking of a main website.

It's not about what you do TO a website that gets it to rank... it's what you do FOR a website, and the place you do that FOR is NOT on the main website.

You want a website to perform in Google Search Results?
You create EXTRA websites, external ones that LINK TO the main site.

SEO is the art of getting your site to PERFORM in Google. the "O" in SEO is a leftover from the days back in the paleolithic ear of Search when it was discovered that you could "Optimize" a site to get Google to "like it better"

The team at Frederick Web Promotions performed an empirical test using one single blog (like this one) and one single blog with one post each and tested to see how much, if any, improvement in the ranking of one of our local Frederick Maryland SEO clients.

BT Martin Contractors internet advertising campaign

We had a client who is a remodeling contractor, they did both home remodeling and commercial remodeling. They already had a decent website but that site did not "Perform" in Google searches. By that I mean there were certain keywords that our client needed to show up in Google search results for.

The client did well in Google for "home remodeling", they wanted to start showing up in Google searches for "general contractors".

For home remodeling + the geographic areas they sought work for we easily secured for the client. The new target of "General Contractors" however, they were ranked #271 for.

Not good

So we went to work... didn't do a damn thing to the original site (the main site), what we did do is to create a blogspot blog (just like this one) and a blog (similar to this one) and loaded them up with articles on "being a general contractor"... both "extra" blogs linked TO the main site.

That's it. No Other tweaking or fiddling with or adding code to or optimizing the main site.

What happened during and after the test?

Opening salvo: one blog post to each of the 2 "new" (extra or external) blogs, moved the main site up from #271 to #171 in less than a week.

Added 4 posts to each blog... We're on the first page of Google search results for "general contractors... several times.

Don't take my word for this, go look for yourself, Google it

That was the local search results for their home county, Frederick Maryland

Now try it Statewide: Google "maryland general contractors"

If you wanna get fancy, let's try "frederick maryland home improvements"

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