Saturday, September 27, 2008

Frederick keywords are EVERYTHING

What is a prospective customer going to type into Google before they find YOUR company?

Here's what most every one goes through when they search Google for a supplier of a given widget or service:

First they type in "Widgets"

Then they realize that a "Widget" supplier in Oklahoma and another one in Florida doesn't do em any good if they're in Frederick County, Frederick Maryland.

What do they do next?

They type into the search box "Widgets in Frederick maryland"

Ok, "Now we're cooking", they say to themselves,

"This is USEFULL.


What can Frederick Web Promotions do for YOUR company?

The Proof is in the Pudding:

Go to Google

Now do it from anywhere in the world, say India or Romania, or England

Can you online publicist do that?

RESULTS or excuses!!!

Your company is either in the top ten in Google... or you simply do not exist!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Multiple Top Ten Google Listings

You're company is either in Google or it's not.

If you ARE in Google, you're either on the front page (top ten results listings) or you're not

Want to be in the top ten?

Go to Frederick Web Promotions

Other web design and search engine optimization firms can get your company a single listing in Google -

Frederick Web Promotions can get you MULTIPLE LISTINGS in the top ten Google Results Pages

How about 8 top ten ranked listings?

Go to Google / Type in: Frederick Mission of Mercy

Results 1 - 10 of about 87,700 for Frederick Mission of Mercy. (0.16 seconds)

RESULTS or excuses.... you're company is either all over the top 10 google rankings... or your not!

[ note: Frederick Web Promotions does publicity for local charities for FREE: ]

That's EIGHT out of the top ten listings... out of 87,000 competing websites!

What exactly do we mean by "Search Engine Optimization"???

Google descriptions are a sentence and a half, approximately 110 characters
(this includes spaces and punctuation!)

  • Google Will NOT take your word for what YOU say your site is about!

  • Google will read your page and decide for itself what IT thinks your site is about!

  • The Mission of Mercy listing for example - Google decided to use only the address of the organization as it's description of Mission of Mercy.

    Mission of Mercy : Contact UsTurn Right on Frederick St. (Rt. 194 South) and go 1 block to St. Joseph’s Church on the right. .... 2008 Mission of Mercy. All Rights Reserved. - 34k -

    Linda Ryan, director of Maryland's arm of the Mission of Mercy told me what she needs MOST is another volunteer dentist, one day a month.

    Look at what I managed to get Google to say about the sites I built for Mission of Mercy:

    Frederick County Maryland, Md. - ForumFrederick Mission of Mercy Needs Volunteer Dentist. DavidBruce - 08-15-2008 11:35:14. Frederick is blessed to have not one but 4 visits a month from Mission ... - 25k -

    Frederick Mission of Mercy unofficial blog: Dental Professional ...Frederick Mission of Mercy unofficial blog. Mission of Mercy, a nonprofit organization, seeks to restore dignity to all people by being an instrument of ... -

    Frederick Mission of Mercy - a set on FlickrFrederick's Mission of Mercy needs a volunteer dentist. ... Feed – Subscribe to the set "Frederick Mission of Mercy" ... - 31k -

    What's important here is that Google description, that's the "BAIT" on the end of your hook.

    You own a business, you're fishing for new customers...

    Lets say your existing website has "worms" on it's hook, and the fish are biting only minnows!

    You're not going to catch anything!

    Frederick Web Promotions takes charge of the "Tackle" when we go fishing for new customers for you!

    Call David Bruce Jr. NOW 240 315-1515