Sunday, November 9, 2008

Are you following up your existing customer base?

Do you have a way of enticing your hard fought customers into coming back more often?

Are you capitalizing on the database you already worked so hard to establish?
What is typed onto the cash register receipts you hand to your existing customers?

Change your cash register and credit card terminal receipt to
read, "For Preferred Customer Discounts Sign Up At: (your

This strategy is awesome because it does two major jobs when it
comes to marketing.

1. It captures all your current customers because everybody
reads their receipt, and everybody wants to be a preferred
customer to get discounts. It also captures all walk in traffic that
actually BUY something. Which leads us to:

2. A list of nothing but BUYERS of YOUR product. No tirekickers or
browsers, buyers only!

Now you've made a client for life and there are tons of other
methods to help them, and generate a great living for you as

Studies show that most people do NOT buy the first time they surf for and find a company website.

It takes up to seven visits to get someone to get off their duff and get out their credit card or pick up the phone to call a local business.

Put yourself in the place of your intended customer:

  • The baby is crying

  • The dishes have still not been done

  • The husband still did not pick up his socks from the bedroom floor

  • And the phone is ringing...

    OK they found your site, but they may not have time to read it all!

    So what do you want them to do now that they found you?

    Just let them close the browser window or click away to surf another topic of interest to them?


    What you want them to do is to get on your mailing list.

    Then you can 'work on em' over time, at the very least they won't be able to easily forget about your product/ service.

    Not very easily... they ASKED you to send them more information, didn't they?

    ************************************************** *
    Mr./Ms. Local Frederick Maryland Small Business Owner

    My name is David Bruce and I am a local e-commerce
    business consultant.

    I know your time is valuable, as is mine so I'll get right to the
    point. If I could show you an unused asset that you ALREADY
    have that could make you thousands of dollars, would you be
    willing to speak with me for 15 minutes?

    This free consultation can save you as much as 50% of your
    entire monthly advertising budget AND bring you brand new
    customers at the same time! The best part is that you already
    have it, so the cost to implement this marketing weapon is

    Please call me at 301 363-8206 at your earliest convenience to
    schedule a free "no strings" consultation. I promise you, it will be
    worth your time.

    Yours in business,
    David Bruce
    Frederick Web Promotions

    Look in Google to see who to hire for SEO

    You own a local small business.

    You want to advertise on Google.


    Because you know you should... you don't know how to go about it, but you DO know you should.

    What to do?

    Before you get talked into doing something that you don't know too much about...

    You *think* you need a web designer.

    A web designer is NOT what you need... you need a web marketer.
    Not just any web marketer, you need a Search Engine Expert.

    In the search engine expert business they have their own lingo, what we do is called Search Engine Optimization

    Fancy way of saying:

    "search engine optimization consultants take your existing website and alter it, edit it, OPTIMIZE it so it will rank higher in the search engines"

    Go to where you live and type in Search Engine Optimization

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    OK, Google will give you examples of SEO firms nationwide. not good.

    Now type in Search Engine Optimization in your area:

    I live in and work out of Frederick Maryland

    So... if I was any good at what I do you'd think that if you type in...

    Search Engine expert Frederick md

    hmm, let's see how I did:

    search engine experts screen shot Frederick MD

    Hot Damn, I got the top 3 spots!

    Do you want your company website to perform this well?

    Call David Bruce Jr. NOW 240 315-1515

    Sunday, November 2, 2008

    Fill up Google, Crowd out your competitors

    Every company should have a blog

    There are multiple reasons every company, even corporations, should have blogs in addition to their standard/ conventional website.

    There are marketing reasons that you'd want a blog and a website, for one thing you can follow up with customers that have purchased from you in the past.

    You can use a blog for Help wanted postings to assist in a free system of recruiting new employees, but those WEB2.0 strategies are for another post.

    This particular post is going to deal with the use of a blog in the advertising arena.

    What can you do with a blog that you can't do with a conventional website?

    For one thing the only way a website is going to get traffic is 2 ways:

    1.) Drive traffic to it offline, printing your url on brochures, invoices, business cards, advertising flyers

    2.) Search Engine Traffic, people type what they're looking for and if I've done my job YOUR website will show up at or near the top of the Google™ SERPS(S.E.R.P.s = search engine results pages)

    OK, so how is a blog any different?
    Many of you are thinking:
    "I mean blogs are for politics and online dating services, right?"

    Nope, well they are, but for OUR purposes blogs are absolutely GOLDEN!

    A conventional website can get indexed into Google™ in roughly 6 weeks. If you alter/ change/ update that same website it can take another 6 weeks for the changes to show up!

    A Blog on the other hand... it's SUPPOSED to get indexed daily because it's SUPPOSED to be updated at least a couple times a week. Google KNOWS this so GoogleBot comes around all the time!

    A Blog can get read in MANY other ways than just a web browser like Internet Explorer or FireFox. A blog can get read in an RSS reader, a Cell Phone too!!!

    That's right, Blogs are EASIER to download into a cell phone, because of RSS.

    It gets much, MUCH better for us Advertisers...

    Make a website and get a single listing in Google™.
    Make an internal page to that same website (any page that's not the 'home' page) and you might...maybe if you're lucky get ONE of those internal pages to rank in Google™.

    A blog??? every time you post an article Google™ considers it a NEW website.

    Make 6 posts to your blog and you'll stand a hell-of-a better chance of getting 3 of them ranked in Google™ ALL ON THE SAME serps page!!!!!

    Are you GETTING THIS?

    I'll spell it out: There are 10 listings on each Google search results page
    (more if there are any "Local business results for ___ ")

    So... You've already got 1 listing in Google™ for your existing website, the one that you had before you hired me, so that's 1 listing.

    Enter the business blog: Now in addition to that single listing you've got a listing for the new blog, a listing for the digital pictures that I took of your business or product, a listing saying that your blog is listed in a Separate Blog Search Engine

    That's right, there are different search engines JUST FOR BLOGS and those listing also show up in Google™ as a Google search result.

    It gets better folks...Blogs all originating from a single blog provider are given less wieght if there's too many of them with your company name on them. Google™ might consider them to be spam blogs, so what does that mean?

    Fill up the Google™ search results with MORE OF YOU and that leaves LESS OF YOUR COMPETITION.

    This is simple subtraction, it's a war of attrition, if every where your prospective client goes on the web all they seem to find is YOU, there you are again, and again???

    You MUST be important, apparently Google™ thinks so...I mean, you can't just waltz into Google™ and get multple listings can you?

    Only if you hire Frederick Web Promotions you can.

    Call David Bruce Jr. 240 315-1515
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