Sunday, November 9, 2008

Look in Google to see who to hire for SEO

You own a local small business.

You want to advertise on Google.


Because you know you should... you don't know how to go about it, but you DO know you should.

What to do?

Before you get talked into doing something that you don't know too much about...

You *think* you need a web designer.

A web designer is NOT what you need... you need a web marketer.
Not just any web marketer, you need a Search Engine Expert.

In the search engine expert business they have their own lingo, what we do is called Search Engine Optimization

Fancy way of saying:

"search engine optimization consultants take your existing website and alter it, edit it, OPTIMIZE it so it will rank higher in the search engines"

Go to where you live and type in Search Engine Optimization

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OK, Google will give you examples of SEO firms nationwide. not good.

Now type in Search Engine Optimization in your area:

I live in and work out of Frederick Maryland

So... if I was any good at what I do you'd think that if you type in...

Search Engine expert Frederick md

hmm, let's see how I did:

search engine experts screen shot Frederick MD

Hot Damn, I got the top 3 spots!

Do you want your company website to perform this well?

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