Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why get a company blog?

Your company already has a website.

That website is already listed in Google (how high it ranks in Google is quite another story)

Why in the world would you want to have a company blog?

What IS a blog anyway?

read on...
A blog, short for weblog, originally blogs were online journals, a kind of public diary... that all changed with the political process, Al Gore losing the presidential election in 2000 and the power of the Internet.

The Republicans had talk radio (Rush Limbaugh, Bill Oriely)The Democrats had... zip (Dean? he hurt them more than helped them)

Blogs had broken news stories, Blogs were suddenly the equal of the (shrinking) Big three networks... blogs were challenging the mighty cable news outlets.Everybody either had a blog, or they wanted a blog... they blogged on every topic under the sun.

Google noticed this...

Google bought the largest, most popular blog platform in the world:
Google didn't stop there, Google also bought (a blog enhancment software, feedburner *supercharges* your blog)

So what exactly is a blog now?
it's a different platform, just like a Macintosh is not a PC but they're both computers.

A blog is a website, but is a different platform, it's .xml as opposed to being in .html format.

Which brings us back to the original question....

Why does a company want a company blog?

Websites take up to 6 weeks for Google/ Yahoo/ MSN Livesearch to index.Blogs get indexed within 24/48 hours, (less than that if you're sharp like Frederick Web Promotions )
You make a company website for a product launch next week and your out of luck!

You make a company blog with the explicit purpose of publicizing that product launch and Frederick Web Promotions can get it in Google in less than a week!

Google will BE the next Ma Bell... Google is set to become THE PHONE COMPANY, Google is moving into cell phone software!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What do you name your website?

What do you call your company?

Your name? Your name and what you do?

Joe's Cleaning service
or Mary's Candles

That works fine for a sign that you put out on the parking lot of your place of business... but what do you call your website? ???

Well, you could, but lets look at this from your prospective customers perspective.
What would your next client type into Google if they were looking for a company to sell them what you sell?

Here's what (keywords) a prospective customer is actually going to type:

Cleaning services in Frederick Maryland

And here's another thing to throw at you... what if there's a Joes Cleaning Service in Idaho or Michigan???

Did you know that a website can have TWO names? (kinda)

the url, the website address..
and the website's title.

You get two places to say what you gotta say with a website.

So rather than say Joe's Cleaning Service
you'd want to say: Joe's Cleaning Service Frederick

that's better... now try this out:

NOW that url is not going to have a bit of trouble ranking high in Google (locally)

Here's an example of what I'm talking about... I used to drive a truck, I have a CDL, I worked for a hazardous waste removal company. I did their website over a couple years back

The companies name was Bay Associates Environmental Inc.
That name didn't exactly tell you what they do for a living does it?
Their website name (url) was

The name you give your site doesn't have to be the name of your company.

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