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Local Google Guru - Changing Gears for 2009

How to be a Local Google Guru

When I first started doing free lance Business to Business Local Internet Advertising where I live in Frederick Maryland my thoughts were to keep my efforts local.

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What I did was to offer Frederick Maryland small businesses that did not have an existing website a blogspot blog like this one to use as a company website. It wasn't until I approached Frederick's City Cab Company that I learned the best use of a blog for business promotion.

City Cab already had a company website, they had several actually; Limousine Service, Sedan Service, Advertising from a Truck (rolling billboard ad truck).

Blaine Young, one of the owners of City Cab Frederick let me do SEO on his existing sites, since I seemed to know what I was doing he let me make him a couple business blogs. I was in bad shape financially and didn't charge him much, so he paid me to do it.

At that time no one in the entire state of Maryland was using blogspot blogs in lieu of conventional websites. There were a few journalism type Wordpress blogs, but blogspot was considered to be more of a toy than a serious business Content Management System (A Wordpress blog IS a serious CMS).
They don't know Google the way I know Google...

While experimenting (full disclosure- I did this on City Cab's dime) with Blogger blogs I learned how to get a blog to OUTRANK a conventional website.

Everyone was surprised, I was, our competitors were... The consensus in the Search Engine Optimization field was that a blog would temporarily gain rank in Search Engine Results Pages, then degrade (loose rank) just as quickly as it skyrocketed past a conventional site.

Well... I found a way to get around that. The problem for me was that no one wanted to take a chance on it, I mean who was I?
Joe 'flash in the pan'?

Everyone thought it was just a fluke, no one wanted to believe that little old me, a guy down on his luck (didn't even own a car, went to sales calls on a bicycle) could out perform the large (expensive) glitzy web design bureaus (I don't even know how to spell bureau with out spell check)... yet here we are?
The business model I use is to create a set of blogs, a themed series of connected blogs, the net effect is to have Google identify my main site as a Frederick Maryland Portal or Frederick Maryland Authority Site.

It's obviously effective or you wouldn't be reading this.

While on my Quixotic Quest someone on Facebook asked me if I could get multiple rankings (4, 5 or 6 out of the top 10 search results) for his site, I responded,

Sure I can get multiple Google Rankings for your company website

Then I found out he was targeting the entire nation

...I'd not tried that... I didn't know if this technique would work in that venue.

For example I found it child's play to get a local mom and pop store to the #1 spot in Google/ Yahoo/ MSN / AOL. But some business have more competition than others.
the Moving industry was one of those toughies, so is Real Estate, Doctors, Lawyers, any industry where big enough money is involved for the heavy hitters to pay us super geeks what ever we ask.

I'd not attempted to get a site to rank nationwide or worldwide.

Well I'll be damned!

Google this:

Local Google Advertising

I'm #5 out of Results 1 - 10 of about 30,500,000 for Local Google Advertising.

Local Google Advertising Search Results Proof

Maryland Internet Advertising

(for complete results go to another of my blogs here: )
As of this writing I'm at #3, #5, 7, 8,9 & 10 out of Results 1 - 10 of about 9,220,000 for Maryland Internet Advertising.

SOoooo, since I now command the mighty Google as if I was a Lion Tamer, the focus of this blog is to teach people exactly how to use Blogspot blogs to dominate your local internet advertising market the way Frederick Web Promotions can.

The next few posts are going to be in the "How To" category.

I'm NOT going to tell you everything... not for free any way.

What I am going to do is teach you enough to make a dollar or two in YOUR local market, whet your appetite for more and offer for sale a Full Report for $97 on Step by Step instructions where I take you by the hand and show you, with videos, email support, hell you can even call me if you get stuck!

But... here's where it gets even better... I got a Christmas deal for you:

You *Could* buy the Step by Step Report (that comes with how to videos, email support and PHONE support) for $97 (and I'm told that is way under priced considering I'm setting you up in your own local advertising consulting business) OR... You could donate just $25 to my favorite charity via Facebook and I'll give you the report for FREE!

I purposely left this for last... How'd I do with the moving company ranking?

Google this:

move to frederick maryland
Results 1 - 10 of about 499,000 for move to frederick maryland

As of this writing I'm currently at: #4, #7,8 and 8

What good is that?
If I get YOU to take up FOUR of the top ten, what's that leave the competition?

If almost every where they click they all lead to YOU.. what's that say about your companies credibility?

If Google thinks that highly of you... shouldn't your prospective customers think highly of you too?

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